Prevention Research Round-Up

Prevention-focused research is continually taking place around the world.

Note: In terms of research related to Alzheimer's disease or in general, AFA believes that it is important for consumers to look beneath the headlines of announcements about drug trial results and other research—to differentiate conclusions from non-human rodent studies and those involving humans, to note which phase a trial is in, and to question the source of the findings. Only data published in a peer-reviewed journal has meaningful efficacy.  Release of human trial data in press releases generated by pharmaceutical companies or in a poster format alone, without the next step of a peer-reviewed journal, means that the results have not yet been published in a manner that allows for scholarly criticism. The latter is the marker that consumers should look for.  In addition, AFA advises consumers to be aware that limitations may exist, such as problems in measurements, human error, etc., and results are subject to change with future research and advances in the field.  It is always important to discuss research findings with a healthcare professional before adjusting treatments, lifestyle, etc.

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